High-Performance Polymers for the Aerospace

High-Performance Polymers for the Aerospace

The aerospace industry demands high-performance materials that withstand extreme temperatures (high and low), pressures, and loads. 

With a focus on excellence and reliability, BARplast LLC's AURUM™ TPI, PEEK and Polyimide products offer aerospace manufacturers a durable and lightweight solution for their most demanding applications, including jet engines, fuel systems, and airframe components. In addition, These materials are used to provide excellent chemical resistance, low friction, and high and low-temperature stability, making them ideal for aircraft engines, transmissions, and other critical aerospace components. 


Electrical insulation protects electrical components and wiring from heat, cold moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring reliable operation in challenging conditions. In addition, sealings prevent fluids or gases from leaking in aerospace systems, including hydraulic systems, fuel systems, and engines. The purpose of washers is to evenly share the load of a bolt or screw and prevent damage to surfaces in aerospace applications. As bushings, they provide support and guidance for revolving or sliding components, such as engines, landing gear, or control surfaces. Nevertheless, dry bearings can support rotating shafts without requiring lubrication, reducing maintenance requirements and weight.

Finally, AURUM™ has been tested successfully for applications in space. 


Our range of products meets the high demand for the aerospace industry.

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High-Performance Polymers for the Aerospace