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BARplast LLC at SEMICON West

BARplast LLC at SEMICON West presenting High Performance Polymers – Polyimides and PEEK BARplast LLC, a distributor of high-performance plastics, will exhibit in SEMICON West 2023. Additionally, it will showcase its latest products, including AURUM®, a Thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI)  from Mitsui
Jul 3, 2023

BARplast adds LUVOCOM® to its portfolio

BARplast adds LUVOCOM® EOG High-Performance PEEK compounds to its portfolio LUVOCOM® high-performance thermoplastic compounds developed by the German company Lehmann&Voss&Co. are marketed by BARplast LLC in the USA. LUVOCOM® has applications across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical and
Mar 29, 2023

BARplast at the OTC 2023

BARplast at the OTC 2023 BARplast is a company that makes and sells really strong materials that can resist high temperatures. This year, BARplast and Mitsui Chemicals are exhibiting together at the OTC 2023 in Houston. We have partnered with
Feb 17, 2023

Easy processing for highest demands

High temperature thermoplastics, like PEEK, TPI, and PAI, are becoming more popular for demanding applications that require mechanical, thermal, and insulating properties. These polymers can be mass-produced at a relatively low cost because they are melt-processable, such as through injection
Oct 26, 2022


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