Polyimide Coated Magnet Wires

Polyimide Coated Magnet Wires: Advantage in >800V EV"

Polyimide Coated Magnet Wires: Advantage in >800V EV

Electrical breakdown of high-temperature insulation materials can be prevented by using thermoplastic Polyimide, TPI. This polymer can be extrusion-coated as other polymers, but AURUM®, TPI reduces electrical and magnetic losses. AURUM® has the highest Tg of any commercially available Thermoplastic, 473°F (245°C) and its insulation performance especially at temperatures above 302°F (150°C) beats any other known insulation.

As the automobile sector transitions to electric vehicles, new polymers that offer higher electrical and thermal properties are used. For better system integration, weight-reduction and downsizing in higher-volt systems, for faster charging and longer charging distances, electrical breakdown must be prevented by high-temperature insulation materials. AURUM® reduces electrical and magnetic losses with a high comparative tracking index (CTI) > 600 volts.

Thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI) produced by Mitsui Chemicals of Japan, and sold by BARplast LLC is known for excellent thermal stability, high-temperature resistance, and robust electrical insulation properties. TPI coated magnet wires are a suitable choice for high-voltage applications (800V and above). Here are some key characteristics of AURUM® coated magnet wires for high-voltage mobility applications:

High-Temperature Resistance: Capable of withstanding elevated temperatures in general and best-in class performance near welding-spots.

Thermal Stability: Provide thermal stability over a wide temperature range, ensuring the integrity of the insulation even well above 302°F (150°C) continuously.

Electrical Insulation: Excellent electrical insulation properties to prevent electrical breakdown and ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

Flexibility: Maintain flexibility even at elevated temperatures, allowing for ease of winding during the manufacturing process and flexibility in the final application.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to many chemicals, enhancing the durability of the coating in various cooling environments.

High Dielectric Strength: The high dielectric strength of AURUM® helps in preventing electrical arcing and breakdown.

Lightweight: AURUM® coated magnet wires are lightweight because even 30% less volume insulates better than other, commonly used materials.

AURUM® is a semicrystalline TPI suitable for powder-coating, injection molding and extrusion coating, with highest-in-class glass transition temperature.
Extrusion processing AURUM® for wire insulation is highly economical, allows extremely thin layers and has better elasticity and good compatibility with cooling-/ lubricating oils.

Thermosetting polyimides have been known for many years in electronic insulation, but thermoplastic PI offers new ways of mass-producing Polyimide insulation for the automotive industry.
Extrusion-coated magnet wires and powder-coated busbars have been studied: performance parameters, including adhesion to Copper & Aluminum, temperature resistance, flexibility, and dielectric values, have all been evaluated and contrasted with PAI-enamels, PEEK-coating, and other insulation materials.

BARplast LLC is a subsidiary of the BIEGLO Group and is located Texas. BARplast sells POLYIMIDE like AURUM® TPI, various thermosetting PIs like PLAVIS, PEEK and R-PEEK. This year BARplast is exhibiting at the NPE in Orlando for the first time. Come to out booth S31194 to learn more about the TPI Aurum and other High Performance Polymers or visit our website www.BARplast.com

BIEGLO Group offers their range of special HPP products to their global customers by running generic web-shops as www.PEEK-shop.com , www.POLYIMIDE-shop.com , www.PAI-shop.de and www.PBI-shop.de.

Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is a leading Japanese company known for its diverse chemical products and solutions in various industries. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, it provides cutting-edge High Performance Plastics and chemicals for various sectors worldwide.

Link: https://jp.mitsuichemicals.com/en/index.htm


For more information please contact BARplast info@barplast.com

Polyimide Coated Magnet Wires
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