Unveiling the wonders of PEEK

Unveiling the wonders of PEEK

Polyetheretherketone commonly referred to as PEEK, is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer that has earned recognition across different industries due to its mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. Furthermore, It finds applications in numerous forms such as Injection molded parts and extruded sheets, films, rods, and tubes. Also, it has a High Glass Transition (Tg) temperature of 143°C (289.4 °F) and a Melting Point of 341°C (645.8 °F).

PEEK can replace metal with a temperature resistance of up to 240°C (464°F). The aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and semiconductor industries utilize PEEK materials.

In the aerospace industry, PEEK finds application in aircraft components such as brackets, bearings, and electrical connectors. Consequently, owing to PEEK's lightweight and high-temperature resistance, it has become an ideal material for the aerospace industry.

Furthermore, the automotive industry also employs it for running gear, seals for valves or pumps, air-conditioning systems, coupling, and connectors. PEEK's low friction and wear resistance makes it ideal for the automotive industry.

Additionally, the oil and gas industry incorporate it for various applications, such as tubes and pipes, insulating components, plugs and packers, cables, and wirelines. PEEK's resistance to aggressive chemical materials/environments makes it suitable for the oil and gas industry.

Lastly, the semiconductor industry, can manufacture applications like connectors, circuit boards, and isolation parts using PEEK because of its dielectric properties and high-temperature resistance.


High-temperature resistance: PEEK can tolerate high temperatures up to 240°C (464°F).

Chemical Resistance: PEEK shows high resistance to various chemicals, including but are not limited to acid, solvents, and bases, which makes it convenient for a rigid environment.

Mechanical Strength: PEEK has outstanding mechanical strength, which includes high tensile strength and stiffness ranging from 90MPa to 160 MPa; its impact strength makes it absorbable from unforeseen shocks without cracks.

Low Friction Coefficient: PEEK's low friction coefficient, which ranges from 0.25 to 0.35, allows it to slide smoothly against various surface, making it a preferred choice for application involving sliding and rubbing. Also, the coefficient value can vary based on the grade and formulation of PEEK.

Electrical Insulation: This refers to the capacity of PEEK to withhold electric fields without breaking down. Compared to other engineering plastics, PEEK's dielectric strength ranges from around 15 to 22kV/mm (kilovolts per milliliter).

Lightweight: PEEK plays an advantage in weight-sensitive applications requiring lightweight properties.

Other Benefits/Properties of PEEK in the industries as mentioned above are:

► High dynamic fatigue
► Insensitive to Rapid Gas Decompression
► Excellent hydrolysis resistance
► Ease of processing and machining
► Excellent electrical properties
► High heat resistance & low outgassing
► Energy efficiency for household devices
► Low Mold wear & low corrosion
► High dimensional stability
► Excellent chemical resistance against automotive fluids
► Low specific gravity and ease of processing
► Good resistance to aging & moisture absorption


PEEK is a high-performance polymer with properties that different industries use.
Industries that make use of PEEK include Aerospace, oil and gas, Semiconductor, Automotive, food processing, Energy, etc
PEEK has a high-temperature resistance of up to 240°C (464°F) that can withstand a scorching environment
The advantages of PEEK include its versatility, lightweight, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength
You can recycle and reuse PEEK. Moreover, it retains all its properties after recycling.


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Unveiling the wonders of PEEK